Reflective Essay On High School Debate

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I joined the debate team when I was in the eighth grade and I did it all throughout high school because I really enjoyed the activity and being a part of a team. I was the captain of the team my senior year and this gave me the chance to step up and assume a leadership role and be a role model for the younger students just like the captains before me were a leader to me. Both of my debate coaches, Mr. Martino and Mrs. Shea, acknowledged how I was a strong leader and a role model on the team. They both wrote extensively about one of the main reasons I was such a good leader was because I worked hard and motivated my peers to do the same.
One of the most important aspects of debate is all the preparation that occurs before the actual tournament and sometimes this part can be frustrating and lonely because it requires a lot of effort outside of school. The research part of debate can de
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Throughout high school I was involved in social justice club, debate, and outside of school volunteering and all of these extracurricular activities showed my friends and community that I am ambitious and motivated by the aspect of changing the future for the better hopefully through politics and lobbying. My friend Emily noted my self-awareness and passion, “Emma is an advocate for social justice and is passionate about everything she gets involved with. Not many high school students know about how they want to go out and change the world, but by senior year, Emma knew exactly how she wanted to impact her community through the Justice Club and Faith in Action class by getting involved in Habitat for Humanity. Emma’s self-awareness makes me believe that she has the power to change education policies in her future career.” I think my passion has allowed me to overcome setbacks and to always work hard and strive to be my very best

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