Leadership, Management, And Leadership Essay

2009 Words Oct 19th, 2016 9 Pages
Talented employees are company’s greatest assets. Employees play a pivotal role in the enterprise, and the expand the growth of the business (Pollitt, 2008, p.5) Leadership within the workplace maximizes the skills and success of individuals. Leadership that values their employees emphasizes their mission and vision to build a community focusing on experience and future improvements. Managing a team and evaluating employees provides information and feedbacks to employees to help them improve their performances. Characteristics, traits, and elements are important learning concepts to influence participation, group cohesion and provide proper resources for team improvement.
Leadership without management and administration without leadership makes these two principles different. Leaders can be anyone within the workplace and continue to manage a team. However, management without leadership can cause corruption for a business without the right skills, attributes and vision for growth. Leadership, management, and influences are elements that make the workplace desirable. Each element changes the idea of how a business should work. Leadership promotes a vision and build motivations for others. Power is not a determinant factor in leadership because leaders inspire growths and changes. Management controls and achieves the defined objective. Management has power and responsibilities to overseas and make a decision that can manipulate the wellbeing of the company. Individuals can…

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