Leadership : Leadership Skills And Abilities Essay

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1. Leadership is the ability to influence others to work together to achieve a common goal. That goal would otherwise be unattainable, without leader-organized teamwork. Continued growth in leadership skills and abilities is a necessary character trait for Coast Guard senior enlisted members. Leaders are honorable, competent, determined and forward looking individuals that lead the way while inspiring others to follow. Those followers eventually become leaders themselves. I am reminded of the finest chief I ever worked for. He gave me great evaluations yet he didn’t think I was ready for advancement. Initially this caused some awkward moments between us. I had always looked up to him because he lead by example and was well respected by the entire command. He almost certainly had a difficult time pointing out my shortcomings. Surprisingly, this was just what I needed. It became my mission to gain his recommendation. As I am appreciative of the inspiration he provided: he and I are still close friends even though he has been retired for eight years now. The moral of this story is; how you react to negative feedback is a testament to your character. Do not let it take the wind from your sails. Rather, let it light the fire of ambitious determination. There is always room for improvement and expansion of skills and abilities. This is called growing and it is an absolute necessity for survival. When growth ceases, death is not far behind. Nobody has a flawless,…

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