Leadership : Leadership And Team Development Essay

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Leadership and Team development

Dr. Diane Sanchez HRT 6570.E1

Kohl, Michele


Many of us have asked ourselves what is a leader? This question continues to perplex many people including scholars.
The author of “Leadership What Does it Really Mean” has stated that leadership has little to nothing to do with someone’s position or seniority in an organization. Often when someone talks about a company’s leadership they are referring to how long the executive has been with the company. They are just that, senior executives. Leadership doesn’t automatically happen when you get promoted. Hopefully you find it are able to become a leader , but there are no guarantees (Pinnow, 2011).
The author also stated regardless of your title you may or may not be a leader. Similar to the point above, a title does not make the person a leader. Leadership has very little if anything to do with personal attributes. Say the word leader and what do you think often the picture of a charismatic yet domineering, take-charge individual. We often look at historical icons like George Washington or General Custer. According to the author leadership isn’t an adjective. Just because someone has charism does not qualify them to be a leader. There have been some introvert who have proven to be really good leaders. One of our greatest businessmen Warren Buffet is an introvert. He is a businessman most would follow. The trait of extrovertist does not make…

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