Leadership : Leadership And Organizational Leadership Essay

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Leadership in the Army exists on three different levels. According to FM 6-22, “Army leaders assume progressively broader responsibilities across direct, organizational, and strategic levels of leadership.” (FM 6-22, pg. vi) Tactical leadership falls under the category of direct leadership and involves face-to-face interaction between the leader and their subordinates. Organizational leadership is more focused on the overall success of the organization and less focused on the individuals. Tactical leadership, because it is direct leadership, is the most rewarding level of leadership and has the greatest impact on the success of the mission. I will discuss some of the differences and similarities between Tactical leadership and organizational Leadership and show that the impact a good tactical leader is greater than that of a good organizational leader. This paper will also show that even though the type of decisions made at the Tactical and Organizational level differ, the over goal and formula for success remains the same.

Leadership “Follow Me” Direct and Organizational Leadership The Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Creed states, “all Soldiers are entitled to outstanding leadership.” (TC 7-22.7, pg. 1-8) To be able to provide outstanding leadership we as leaders have to understand the levels of leadership as described in AR 600-100. Leaders need to be able to understand those levels and the impact the three different levels have on the Soldiers they…

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