Leadership And Ethical Behavior Essay

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The most successful organizations are led by people who act as a source of ethical guidance for employees and at the same time take responsibility for the organization’s moral development. This becomes possible because a manager’s behavior is disseminated throughout the organization and as such their standards of behavior make an important part of the corporate culture and climate. Ethical behavior in an organization is defined as the morally-accepted behavior that is good and right as opposed to wrong and bad in a corporate situation. Therefore, leaders should behave in a legally and morally-acceptable way despite the ethical dilemmas that might arise in an organization.
Leadership is defined as the act if persuading an individual to perform the functions set as goals. Therefore, the role of a leader is to direct individuals behavior toward a common goal through a charismatic or transformational approach. Leadership is characterized by attitudes, beliefs, values, habits, conduct, and practices within an organization or situational context. Ethical leadership is important for the provision of direction that leads to the fulfillment
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These qualities also inspire the employees to live up to the principles of conduct that are important to the organization. The employees would also adhere to the universal standards of moral behavior whereby they would be forced to ask questions about what is right or wrong thereby setting standards for new employees and for reciprocity. Moreover, ethical leadership and motivation enables employees to serve and support each other through compassion. The views of the leader with regard to ethical leadership are comparable and reminiscent of visionary leaders who can be regarded as role models for their followers. Such a leader, just like the best leaders is thought to be trustworthy and

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