Leadership Jazz By Max De Pree Essay

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Leadership Jazz by Max De Pree is a treatise on what it means to be a leader and how to be a leader. Depending on the metaphor of a musical variety – jazz – he shares insight on how leaders ought to harness the different gifts, talents, abilities, and differences of team members to actualize goals. This means “that attracting and keeping talented performers/employees-all of whom, we must remember, are really volunteers – should be the chief concern of leaders in the profit and nonprofit worlds.” Drawing on the attributes of a jazz band, De Pree postulates that servant leadership is required to draw the best out of people. The success of which is dependent on the leader’s ability to connect voice and touch through gratitude, trust, respect, personal restraint, and the courage to be human. When this is done, the leader frees himself to experience incredible success ensuring that they are not hindered by their own failure to appreciate others. “Authors and leaders who see only a limited need for the gifts of followers limit themselves to their own talents.”
The author shows the significant impact upon organizations when a leader lives up to the promise that he has made and the damage that occurs when promises are broken. This makes it important for leaders to match their words with concurrent action. “One of the great dangers to organizations arises when a leader’s private and public promises contradict each other.” It makes it important then that a leader…

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