Leadership Is Done With The Concepts Of Transformational Leadership

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The research on Leadership is done with the concepts of Transformational Leadership and Relationship Capital to showcase the importance of a healthy relationship between the manager and his employees in an organisation. Every organisation will always set goals and targets, in order to achieve them there should be a perfect working atmosphere. There should always remain a strong bonding between the people on the higher and lower level of hierarchy.
As per the research a good leader should be honest, sincere, recognise talent, appreciate good work, treat everyone equally, communicate well and ask for the team’s opinion. In our study we are going to showcase the characteristics of two managers whose behaviour reflect on the outcome of the organisation. The two managers are on the extremes when it comes to organisational relationship. Henry had a high performing team while Ben on the other hand had a team where the employee turn-over was very high and lacked efficiency of a good leader and their performance was below average. In the initial stage both the leadership styles are shown and in the latter part using the theories we are going to recommend how Ben can change is leadership style.


1.0 Introduction
1.1 Characteristics of Henry
1.2 Characteristics of Ben
2.0 Analysis
2.1 Analysis of Henry
2.2 Analysis of Ben
3.0 Conclusion and Recommendation
4.0 Reference

The research is done to prove how…

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