Essay about Leadership Has Changed Today 's Modern Business Environment

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Leadership can be defined as the progression of motivating, inspiring and controlling staff and the work environment, towards their stated organisational goals.(1) Through the bureaucracy period which is a model of organization based upon rules, hierarchy, impersonality and a division of labour , are many theories/concepts including Autocratic leadership, the great person theory and Bureaucratic leadership. However on the other hand there is a contrasting perspective of leadership which has grown and rose through the post-bureaucracy, which involves behavioural theories, Servant leadership and transformational leadership. This essay will argue that leadership has changed in the post –bureaucratic era to a vital extent and to further develop this point, according to (3) he states that leadership in the Bureaucracy period involves poor employee motivation, producer focus and inertia. However leadership has developed into a new business model more suited to today’s modern business environment. 4) Agrees with this statement as he further implies that leadership in the post bureaucracy era is now more based upon trust, empowerment, shared responsibility and personal treatment. This essay will discuss the differences of leadership theories and contexts within the corresponding eras and how leadership has changed from a bureaucratic perspective to a more fundamental viewpoint in the post bureaucratic era.
Leadership throughout the bureaucratic era is based upon official duties…

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