Leadership During Organizational Change ( Using A Bicycle Model )

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Leadership During Organizational Change (Using a Bicycle Model) A Critical Review of Manz, C., Bastien, D., & Hostager, T. (1991, December). Executive leadership during organizational change: A bi-cycle model. Human Resource Planning, 14(4), 275, Academic OneFile.
Author 's Main Points Manz, Bastien, & Hostager (1991), noted that the Minnesota Innovation Research Program (MIRP) consists of three perspectives visionary, participative and transactional, as effective approaches that help during organizational change. These changes are easier to implement when leadership begins the process understanding that there will be obstacles and the desired outcome may vary slightly. However, this multi-layered process strengthens when leadership looks to make changes that help the company politically, culturally, and technically as stated by Manz et al., (1991). When a leader uses a visionary perspective, they are using their ability to visualize the changes that are transpiring currently as well as future changes implemented throughout the ongoing organizational transformation. This includes inspiring the organization to unite and work as a unit to move the company forward during this change rather than addressing each person or department as individuals. This includes the leader using their ability to help others see the vision for the organization through communication, openness, and strong leadership skills that will allow the employees to move throughout the organizational…

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