Leadership Comparison Between Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates

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Leadership style of Sir Richard Branson and Knight Bill Gates

Table of Contents 1. Executive summary 3 2. Introduction 4 3. Get to know Sir Richard Branson 5 4. Get to know Bill Gates 6 5. Leadership styles used by Sir Richard Branson 7 6. Leadership styles used by Knight Bill Gates 10 7. Comparison of the leadership styles of Sir Richard Branson and 12 Knight Bill Gates 12 8. Which of the two characters seemed to be more effective? 14 9. Conclusion 15 10. Appendix 16 11. References 17

1. Executive summary

This report contains the characteristics and comparison between the leadership qualities of Bill Gates and Richard Branson. Here it is discussed how Bill
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Quality of listening to all the stakeholder ideas without letting them down or just ignoring them was another distinctive nature. Sir Richard Branson considered interaction between managers and the employees is very important. As charismatic and a transformational leader, Richard adapted to changes very quickly. Furthermore he was a leader who developed an impression within the stakeholders as a good listener because he respected the ideas and feedback of the stakeholders. These feedbacks of the others were considered equally important to improve a business. Motivation of employees to come up with new ideas and help innovation of the organization are some of his special attributes (Miner, 2005).
According to McGregor’s theory, there are people of Theory X and Theory Y. The theory X people do not like to work and they don’t like taking responsibilities. On the other hand, the theory Y people like working and they like responsibilities. According to McGregor, theory X people should be managed in an autocratic manner and theory Y people in a democratic manner. Sir Richard Branson seemed to have a rare quality of treating and leading people to think like business entrepreneurs. According to him, giving responsibilities to employees make them attracted to work and they will enjoy it as well. As a leading personality he didn’t want

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