Leadership: Character Analysis And Characteristics Of A Successful Leader

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The book discussed personality traits a successful leader possess, Traits and characteristic also vary from a leader to another. Many people dream to become successful leader, and other work hard to make this dream a reality. Among those who do make it into leadership position, only some are considered particularly effective in this role (Greenberg 2011.) My chosen leader Stacy have great characteristic such as driven as he implied a pledge to lead the organization at all level and created a good corporate culture that would work hard to achieve the financial target. He was very passionate, and his passion allowed him to become successful and never gave up. His passion gave him energy that allowed him to display and utilize talents and skills; …show more content…
This traits can enhance he performance level of a leader. In 2008, at the beginning of the depression the business focus started to shift more toward cost saving, and at that time Stacy created a team under QWRT name, which mean Quality, Waste Reduction, and Tanning. This team trained and cross trained every single department and employees, it induced even management. This training took a duration of eight months, and it resulted on saving 43% of company waste. Stacy was very confident in making decision, and this training was one of the most important decision that Stacy took, thus it placed a company in a good stand, and enhanced the employees performance and established a standard procedure for all the operation, production, shipping, and packing …show more content…
He didn’t only shared the goals, but also he was great as far as updating what is going on with the operation, sale, marketing, and distribution. He would have open communication regarding the success, obstacle, and any failures. In addition, Stacy was a kind of leader that had strong value system and showed genuine interest and passion not only for the set goals but also the contribution of each team member. Leaders show the way and also facilitate the workings at the same time correcting when things goes wrong. This creates a feeling of trust amongst the team.
Characteristics that hinder the leadership effectiveness are the followings;
Lack of communication leaders who are not clear of what is to be done, why it has to be done and do not have confidence if it can be done do not inspire positive action and team also performs without direction, sense of purpose or direction.
SELF CENTRED: Leaders who are busy pushing team into actions only with a sole purpose of taking the credit or for selfish reasons of getting promoted do not find the support of the

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