Leadership And Communication And Leadership Essay

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Leadership and Communication
Communication and leadership is not what it used to be. Before technology took over our lives, we had the honor to meet and greet people, and had the pleasure to have a face to face conversation. Communication and leadership, plays a big part in any place of the world. In my case communication is not all that great, when it comes to communicating effectively with my superior and co workers.
Many times I need to communicate directly with my manager, for any problems that might of arise while I am preforming my job functions. Many of the times she is not there to listen, give me advise, or guide me on the right direction. There are instances where I am having issues at work or with a project I am working on and because she does not like for me to approach her with my issue, because she is always running around in and out of meeting. She prefers direct emails, explaining what I need help with. When I do send the email, a lot of the times, she does not understand what I am trying to say. Nor she tries to approach me to get the issue resolved,
A lot of the times my message is delivered incorrectly because of the lack of facial expressions or voice tone. Being a leader is not only having the title of a manager, it implies a lot more than that. A true leader is available for the employees, they are open for any change and accept if they are incorrect and have an open mind for improvement if needed.
In my case I have been working for a clinic for…

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