Leadership Analysis : Ford Motors Essay

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Ford Motors The new idea and innovation had come up with the constant enhancement of mankind. The new innovative and effective idea is demand to accomplish the requirement of the company and customer. Good or successful business, dependable on its leaders and the leadership strategies organization follows. Change leadership and strategic leadership are important subjects of building a successful organization. Many studies and research had describe that leadership factor is affecting in business positively or negatively. Leaders always hold tools for its management functions and techniques for handling the markets and its external body’s like suppliers, government and customer. Visionary leaders always look up for successful performance in the market. This leader will guide its follower to follow the vision and achieve the targets to be successful. The important management skills are considered as leadership because it helps firm to achieve their targets and reach up to optimum place in their journey. The concept and literature of leadership is been discussed from ancient times. The only single leader can win the battlefield, but by the time the leadership concept had been developed and raise high in studies. There are many barriers found in leaders had changed as the new style and theories of leadership evolve. By John Clippinger the Napoleon leaders and their creative leadership style explored in the study. Many experts had given the business leadership style for…

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