Henry Ford: Revolutionized The Car Industry

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History of Henry Ford
Henry Ford Revolutionized the car industry. Let alone, he made the manufacturing of cars much faster. During Henry Ford’s life he was a very industrious man. He always was working on something. Henry Ford was born on his father 's farm, and he worked on the farm until he was 16 (History 3). Ford also had time for his family, he married his wife in 1888 (Henry Ford 3), and his first son was born in 1893 (LifeOfHenryFord 1).Henry worked hard all his life, even when he was a kid. Henry Ford never took the easy way, always worked hard and provided for his family. Henry Ford’s childhood was full of work. He was always at the farm working with his father until the age of 16. At the age of 16 he left the farm and became an
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Clara had grown up 10 miles away from Henry, but they hadn’t met until 1885. Ford was 21, and Clara was 19 when they first met; and they were not really attracted to each other. “A year later they met again, and quickly fell in love with each other and developed a relationship.” In 1886, they became engaged to get married. At that time engagements were not expected to be that long; and engagements are even shorter now. Henry and Clara only waited to get married because Clara’s mother thought she was too young (Bio 1). After the marriage Henry supported his family by running a sawmill. In 1891 he returned to Detroit with Clara, and started his engineering career (LifeOfHenryFord 1). Ford and Clara grew their family 2 years later by having their first child, Edsel. Ford was still an engineer at the time, and he was living in a rented house with his …show more content…
In the early history of the motor company, it highlighted one of Ford 's most important talents. The ability to attract quality employees. Ford only hired young men who believed in the same vision he had for the Motor Company. “That is a key reason the Ford Motor Company became one of the world’s greatest industrial enterprises” (HenryFord 4). The company had to move eventually; Ford wanted to “make what he could sell”, that meant the assembly line. The workers did not like that, turnover was so high from the factory that Ford had to hire 53,000 people a year for 14,000 jobs. Ford decided in 1914 to make workers’ wages to $5 a day, That decision stabilized the workforce and gave workers the ability to buy the cars they made. The company sold the Model T in 1922 for $269. Henry Ford had interferences too, from other investors. He had to buy them all out; and they all became millionaires. Ford became the country 's biggest automobile company with Henry’s son as president even though Henry did most of the work. During WWII Ford fought to make sure America did not choose sides. But After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, it changed Henry’s mind, the Ford Motor Company became one of the major U.S. military contractors. During the war, Henry’s son, Edsel died. Henry realized it was time to retire, so he gave the company to Edsel’s son Henry II, and retired to home on Fair Lane street (HenryFord 4).

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