Essay about Lcbm 440 Hospitality Marketing Management

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This is part one of my four page group project for LCBM 440 Hospitality Marketing Management class.
I am once again a marketing consultant for a hospitality management group. Myself, and five others make up the Cordon Team.
Our boss has asked each member of the Cordon team to create a four page marketing plan for a restaurant, or a hotel. The group will then decide which of the six plans sounds the best, and draw up a marketing plan for that establishment, including writing up the SMART goals, a marketing plan to achieve those goals, a plan to use media-social, and old-fashioned, and doing return on investments (ROI).
These last four sections will be divided up so each member has an equal share (hopefully) to report on. This will then be compiled into a ten slide power point presentation.
My concept is for a new construction medium size resort hotel. The new hotel is named HazGrey, and is located in Seaside Oregon. The hotel is located just one block from the beach.
This hotel is solar powered, has in room hot water heaters, low flow shower heads, toilets, and energy efficient light bulbs. It also has a water/energy efficient laundry.
This hotel has been open for six months.
What’s provided?
Some of the amenities are, free parking, fresh baked cookies at reception desk, heated indoor pool, and outdoor pool, coffee maker in the room, in room safe, pets allowed, continental breakfast, free WIFI, and business center.
Some rooms come with a kitchenette.
All of…

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