Meriwether Lewis Expedition

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Today is the day we travel on the trail to the Pacific Ocean. Meriwether Lewis is the leader of this expedition and William Clark is his companion on the expedition. Thomas Jefferson wanted them to find a trail that leads to the Pacific Ocean. On May 21, 1804 we started our journey. We traveled to the Louisiana territory.
On our journey we came across some coyotes. They are so beautiful, they have grizzled gray or orangish gray above with buff underparts. They have long rusty or yellowish legs, bushy tail with black tips. Their height can be 3.4-4.3 feet, their length is 23-26 in, their tail is 11.8-15 in, and their weight is 20-40 lb.
We found this plant we called a four-wing saltbush. This is an extremely valuable stub: compact and rounded; sprawling and low;
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It’s a large rock of 20 feet high, and it’s in the whole current of the river rush. It was in the middle of the water were the water would flow through.
On the way we came across the Shoshone Indians. We learned about their religions. 2 of their goals are, personal success and survival. They believe that illnesses came from: breach tobacco, evil dwarf people and sorcery. They have a herd of 700 horses. They raise good horses. The Shoshone Indians are poor people. They are friendly.
Their nomadic, they travel annually between the Bitterroot Mountains. Shoshone Indians would eat pine nuts, rabbits, buffalo meat, fish, berries, birds, and roots. They lived in roofless grass huts, some lived in teepees and caves. Their beliefs were that they could have more than one marriage partner at a time, they thought punishment would break the young people’s spirit, and Christianity. They can be called the Digger Indians.
On our journey Lewis was the leader of the expedition. He guided us to what we needed to look for. Clark is his companion on the expedition he does the drawing and writing. He’s the one who keeps track of the animals, plants, landscape and Native Americans they have

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