Laws 121 : Introduction Of The Nz Legal System Essay

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Cabinet is the head of the executive branch of government in New Zealand and abides by principles set out in the cabinet manual. It exists strictly by Constitutional Conventions which are practices of constitutional behaviours that have developed over years and govern constitutional bodies. This essay would discuss some of the main reasons why cabinet is regarded as the most powerful constitutional body such as its ability to make policies and delegated legislations. It would also provide arguments to refute this claim such as the role of constitutional conventions, the regulations review committee and the system of judicial review in limiting cabinets power. Most importantly this essay would discuss how the Mixed Members Proportional electorate system has altered cabinets composition of power in New Zealand. Cabinets main function under the executive body of government is to make policies. Proposals to implement policies must go through the cabinet process and Decisions are taken at meetings by Ministers with the approval of the Prime Minister. For example, once a legislative idea has been put forward by sources such as government departments, coalition or lobby groups, it must progress through to the cabinet legislation committee where the decision to allow or dismiss a legislative idea is made. Cabinet must also confirm a Bill before it is officially introduced into parliament, thus it…

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