The Power Of Three Branches Of Government

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Power of Three

In our everyday lives we, use the government all the time. But how do our lives relate to the three branches of government? When you go to get your teeth tidied up that's a great illustration of how they relate to our branches.

The first thing that happens when you go to the dentist is you get your teeth cleaned. This represents the legislative branch. The dental hygienist begins to get to work to make sure your teeth look admirable and white. This expresses the legislative branch because the legislative branch generates the laws, while the dental hygienist makes your teeth nice and clean. Most people don't like to go to the dentist, because it is such a hassle. Well trying to get a law passed is a struggle too. You have to get popular vote on the law, and that requires a low of work to be done.
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They also review to see how well of a job the dental hygienist did on perfecting your teeth. This relates to the executive branch because the dentist enforces that you continue to brush and floss. The dentist also analysis the job the dental hygienist did.
After the dentist is done checking the patient out, it is the patients turn to make sure they are delighted with the work that the dentist and dental hygienist did. This relates to the judicial branch because the judicial branch has to make sure that the law is constitutional for it to be passed. While the patient checks a make sure they are happy with the results before leaving the appointment.
In conclusion the 3 branches of government relate to dental hygiene because the dental hygienist represents the legislative branch, the dentist represents the executive branch and finally the patent is the judicial

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