Essay on Laughter Is Incredibly Powerful By Eugene P. Bertin

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Laughter is incredibly powerful. Eugene P. Bertin once said "There is a purifying power in laughter. It is truth in palatable form. It is instant vacation. Seeing the comical side of many situations makes life a great deal easier. It 's like riding through life on sensitive springs that ease every jolt.". There is so much truth in this quote and it can easily be broken into three main points. Those points would have to be laugher is a purifying power, laughter makes even the toughest situations easier to deal with, and laughter is truth in a form that is easier to deal with. It could be broken down further but I think these three points are the most important ones to discuss.
Laughter can be used to make something as ugly as politics easy and almost fun to discuss. For example, political cartoons take tidbits of information about current political events and inflate humorous qualities about them. In doing this, people are able to be educated in a way that almost hides the fact that they are being exposed. As do many, my girlfriend strongly dislikes watching or listening to political news, she usually turns off the television and walks away the moment a politician appears. But, if she sees a political cartoon that she finds humorous or she relates to, she is then willing to discuss her viewpoints. This reigns true for most due to the fact that politics can definitely be a touchy subject, although, as Bertin had said “There is a purifying power in laughter”, and humor…

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