The Last Night Of The Ballyhoo Play Analysis

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In the Last Night of the ballyhoo play by Alfred Uhry, the whole production of the play was beyond magnificent for a first-time student who has never attended a play before. The different scenes and stage production was very up to par and the characters were very outstanding. There are a few complaints I would like to critique to make the production kind of more valuable but overall, I enjoyed the play tremendously.
Starting off, each character plays a significant role in the production theme. Characters personalities were a main key point that mostly helped to create the genre of the play. LaLa, Adolph, Joe, and Reba characters play an astounding job as portraying their characters goofy side throughout the play to show off the underline comedy that the play possess. They also
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In the background, there were a whole bunch of old black and white pictures which could set a mood that this play was set way back in the olden times. The pictures were of different people, possibly old family members. The dishes and other objects in the room were old antique items, meaning that their family was probably of a high social status. The table also seem like a nice set up as well which add more value to the production. The Christmas tree that was located near the right of the house showed that the setting was set around Christmas time. The Furniture was kind of simple. The only interesting thing about the furniture was the old newspaper rack that was connected to the single chair. The newspaper rack resemble that the setting was set in an older time. The only critique that I really have about the furniture part is the inexistent door. I know that the production probably doesn’t have funds for a real door but the knocking part on the door where peachy would go and see sunny was kind of cringeworthy. But overall the furniture was decent and at least showed how it has a dated time due to the

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