Essay on Laramie Project Reaction

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Rachel Chollett The Laramie Project
Laramie, WY, is a modest town which became ignominious overnight in the fall of 1998, when Matthew Shepard, a gay college student, was found tied to a fence after being callously beaten and left to die, setting off a nationwide dispute about homophobia and hate crimes. My reaction to this moment in time initially is horror and shock that people did and do these unspeakable acts to their fellow human. However, I can also appreciate the many different views that were portrayed in the film.
Without knowing any of the details of this crime, it’s easy to become very upset over the animosity that one would need to feel in order to follow through with the atrocious operation committed by the two boys.
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Today’s agenda is slightly different, however. We are encouraged to ask questions, to build an understanding to the pros and cons on most subjects. In conclusion to the Laramie population who hold opinions that gays are breaking the bible codes’, I do not agree with them, rather, I feel apathy for them. For I am convinced, to push hate toward “small minded” people is, I trust as gospel, a crime in itself.
“Live and let live” always seemed to be an acceptable quote. It wasn’t until the actors in The Laramie Project put it into perspective that my view changed slightly. I had always thought that the phrase was appropriate; that it meant to let others chose their own path and that if it didn’t directly affect your life that it was really none of your business. When one of the portrayed gay occupants of Laramie, WY explained what the saying meant to him and his fellow gays, it took on a twist. He explained that he felt as if it really meant that as long as he didn’t tell anyone about his sexual preference aloud, then he wouldn’t be prosecuted by doubters. When I was considering this understanding, I wondered that most “straight” people do not provoke conversations about their sexual preference, or do we? Yes! We do! Even though it is not a statement maybe about how we like people of the opposite sex, we do speak about our relations and relationships with our chosen boyfriends, girlfriends, and spouses. These conversations are not reserved for

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