Essay About Rap Culture

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The Art of Rap Reaction Essay For the last two weeks, the class has watched a video documentary on hip hop and rap culture called “The Art of Rap”. It was a movie explanation, where a famous rapper named Ice. T talks to different rappers about the experience of rap and hip hop. The hip hop icons he spoke to, basically explained how hip hop and rapping had a huge influence in their life. The culture has affected America, in many different ways of life in its culture. The effects the hip hop culture has affected America in are language, race, and inspiration. The first point that Hip hop has affected in American Society was language. Language has a huge effect on hip hop, because of the fact that everyone who raps must use it whether it is good or bad. There is a positive and negative to using language in hip hop. One positive is …show more content…
Inspiration has an effect on hip hop, because think about it a good writer must come up with their own ideas. For example, if a rapper wants to inspire people with their music they have to think of ways to inspire people. In the video documentary, Ice T interviews Eminem about how a good rapper writes he told him sometimes if he cannot write on paper he writes on hand which is a good way of writing lyrics of rap songs. Eminem also tells Ice T, he studies other rappers so he can see how the rhythm would work. It is a good way to see what other styles of rap can be used. There is a positive and negative point about being an inspiration. The positive point about inspiring people in rap is that you can show the person who is listening to it how you can be a great role model if the person wants to do hip hop. And the negative point about being a inspiration, is trying to think about just yourself. If the rapper wants to inspire people they have to think of their fans, and not just themselves. Inspiring people is a great way for the American culture to be influenced by hip

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