Argumentative Essay: The Language Gap

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The Language Gap
Learning a language is like finding your perfect pair of glasses; the world becomes infinitely clearer, and you are exposed to many paths that would have otherwise escaped your view. In the United States, language learning is seemingly an unnecessary part of most people’s high school education. Other countries, such as those in Europe, value languages much more than this country does. Learning languages would help improve both American general education and encourage higher levels of cognitive development from a young age. To catch up with the rest of the world in multilingualism, it would be beneficial for America to teach foreign languages with immersion programs starting in preschool. A language immersion program is a
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In the words of Ebony Saintz, a commenter on an online article,”Why do you need another language, if you don’t leave the States? So, you can still order a quarter pounder with cheese at McDonald 's the way you like it, or just to show off.” It is possible to not need a second language if one never leaves America, but there are many benefits to learning foreign languages both in and out of our country. As time goes on world becomes more interconnected. Globalization is becoming the norm, and America must adjust accordingly. When this happens, language skills will become a necessity for those entering the job market. Current students will need to set an example and be able to educate their children. Some argue that foreign language learning will take away from STEM classes that are thought to lead to better jobs in the future. However, knowing another language can also improve job conditions. A study in the Economist magazine states that foreign languages not only provide more incentive for employers to hire potential workers, but they have also been shown to increase wages depending on the language (CITE). Coupling a lesser known language with experience in a STEM based field--or others--would help an individual stand out when searching for a

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