Barcorghini Essay

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Lamborghini is an Italian origin company which manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUV’s based in Bolognese, Italy. Ferruccio Lamborghini is the founder of Lamborghini. This company is one of the super car company in the world. They have a 360-degree approach for their company to keep them successful in business and company wise. The 360 approach of this company includes the department like.
• Research and Development
• Design
• Production
• Purchasing
• Marketing (including the selling function)
• Human Resource Management
• Accounting and Finance
• Quality Assurance

Research and Development
Lamborghini has many effective strategy and one such strategy is research and development. They have significant investments (like over 23% of turnover).
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They also collaborates design department to give advertisement through internet websites and they also manage to maintain through social media pages and pastes things online (other kind of advertising). Figure 7 social media marketing (google, n.d.)
Human Resource Management
Establish a sense of collaboration and commonality among other department. This can be done by not only making roles challenging and stimulating, but also by sharing skills and cross training employees. They are also responsible to recruit the members to the company and they takes care of their contract. They should also be ready with alternate strategy if someone gets promoted or if any departments need skilled member in their sector.

Business process is any activity or set of activities within engineering organizations that enables an organization to accomplish a specific organizational goal. Choose an organization in your discipline and outline the inter-relationships between their different processes and functions in the form of a written report with appropriate references and evidences (Images, Charts, etc.). (Assessment Criteria

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