Lack Of Resources : Project Management Essay

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Lack of resources is one of several obstacles that can compromise a project. An organization that identifies a lack of resources is doing the right thing by calling in the project manager and requesting ground level advice. However, in this case is worth mentioning that lack of resources is something that is not usually the project management team or the PMO’s ultimate responsibility (Meredith & Mantel, p 213). Regardless of the background that caused the lack of resources I will be ready to advice as needed with regards to which is best, outsourcing or overtime, when it comes to accelerating project completion. However, I will make sure upper management personnel or those responsible are aware that their lack of understanding of project management is the reason why we are in that situation, and will refer them to the PMO for further remedial training.
Changes are expected within the project management field. How we respond to such changes and the negative impacts that they have on the project is what separates success from failure. Any of the two options being considered by my CEO will most likely affect the project management plan (PMBOK, 2013, p 284). The main factor to consider before making the decision to outsource or adding overtime is the specific issue that needs to be addressed with either of the two approaches. For example, if the issue is that a specific technology or expertise held by an outside company is needed to speed up the project then I will advise for…

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