Lab Report On Starch And Amylase Experiment Essay

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Roben Houspian 04/27/2015


Abstract: For the starch/amylase experiment, all of the tubes (1-5) tested positive for the presence of the starch after they turned black /purple after addition of the lugol’s solution. Additionally, all of the tubes turned orange after addition of the Benedict’s reagent. For Protein/pepsin experiment, only the protein containing piece ( a thin layer of egg) in the tube #2 ( protein+pepsin+acid @ 37 degrees ) dissolved. Eventually, for the Fat/lipase experiment, only the PH of tubes 2 and 3 changed from 7 to 5. Tube one containing cream and bile salts did not change its PH which was 7.

Introduction: According to the “ Human Physiology Laboratory Manual” ,BIOL 282, page 57, the purpose of this experiment is to obtain more information about the enzymes that are present in our digestive system and to learn about their optimal conditions ( De Bellard , 2015). In fact, to learn about the required conditions necessary for the digestive enzymes in order to interact with the target food molecules was another reason this profound…

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