Lab Report: Osmosis And Diffusion Egg Lab

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Osmosis and Diffusion Egg Lab

In this lab, an egg is used as a representation of an actual cell, the shell being the cell wall, and the yolk being the nucleus, which like an actual cell also expands when placed in a substance like water, and shrinks when placed in a thick substance like corn syrup. I hypothesize that water will make the egg hypotonic, which means that the cell is swollen due to an excess of water in its environment and corn syrup will make the egg hypertonic, which is the shriveling of a cell due to a lack of water and or salt in a solution (Crowe, 2016). Then soaking it in water, and later corn syrup after the 24 hour period of soaking in water and other shorter increments of time. The purpose of this lab is to see osmosis
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The weight of the egg is expressed in grams, showing even a small difference of its weight due to water moving in or out of the egg through osmosis. This relationship between osmosis and the egg is shown above, and this is the reason for the weight change in the egg, whether it be to the inside or outside of the egg. This chart also shows the relationship of the weight of the egg, with the amount of time the egg was submerged in water or corn syrup. As well as explains what I observed while handling the egg, such as its heaviness, paleness, how swollen it became, and also its shell made flimsy from being soaked in vinegar before the lab. Something else that I noticed that was odd, was that the weigh boat didn’t register in weight on the scale, even after being zeroed and replacing the weigh boat on the …show more content…
Once the egg was decalcified, it felt very fragile and bouncy. When the egg didn’t have a shell anymore, it was kept from seeping out by the “plasma membrane” (egg white), which was congealed by the soaking in vinegar. When the nucleus of the egg became visible, it looked very cloudy. The substance that entered/left the egg in each situation was water, due to the state of the egg, by way of osmosis, in a way of trying to balance the inside and outside the “cell” (egg), this balance is essential to functioning at the preferred isotonic state. This lab could be improved by using 2 different eggs, as the data seemed inaccurate when placing a hypotonic egg into a solution of corn syrup made the egg hypertonic, because there wasn’t a proper start weight in the egg when placed in the second solution. The egg gained mass when it was submerged in water because water naturally enters the egg to balance the amount of water inside and outside the egg as much as it possibly

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