LGBT Community Essay

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The meanings of home not only refer to a place where can sleep and eat, but a place to carry the joys and angers, the place where full of love, responsibilities, obligations. Finding a home is a human destiny in a sense. For Asian Americans, a home can be a small family built up by the people they loved, also can be a community established by the entire Asian American. For APA LGBT, the home is not always make they feel peace of mind. It is easy for ordinary people to have access to the support and understanding, recognition, and care of the family, friends, and ethnic groups, but is hard for APA LGBT. “Identity” is a determination of individual’s self-identity, and based on the inter-ethnic communication. According to Alice Hom, “Stories …show more content…
In the history of Asian immigrants, Asian Americans have been marginalized by the mainstream American society, and they are relatively marginalized ethnic minorities compare to other minorities due to distinct cultures, languages and living habits and etc. Asian American have been the most difficult integrate into the mainstream American society of ethnic minorities. The existence of Asian LGBT is undoubtedly add another discriminatory label to this community except racial discriminations. Before 1994, there was no Asian face appear in white dominated American LGBT community. With the changing of status of Asian American, Asian lesbian and gay slowly appeared in people’s field of vision. In 1994, California passed a vote on the establishment of citizenship screening system in order to prevent illegal immigrants occupy American citizen’s public welfare. The adoption of this proposal was a blow to Asian immigrants, and the impact of Asian LGBT community was even more evident. Many lesbian and gay dare not talked about their sexual orientation on any public occasion, because the white American’s homophobia was a hidden danger to their safety. Some of lesbian and gay even married the opposite sex to avoid the American authorities to question their identity and unconventional investigations and inspections (Ignatius, 1998).
The media also have a great impact on people 's attitudes. Many mainstream media usually describe gay as a muscular, blond hair, white man, while Asian men are usually weak, impotent and lacking in masculinity. The impact of mainstream American media on people 's minds has given Asian homosexuals more discrimination in American society, and Asian gay have found it hard to cross ethnic groups to find their

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