Essay Knowledge And Power : Absolute Corruption

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Knowledge and Power: Absolute Corruption?
In a world where more is never enough, we are persistently being driven by the need for an increased amount of knowledge and understanding of the world. Yet, when that unquenchable thirst gets out of hand, the consequences may be dire, and can result into unprecedented results.
George Orwell demonstrates in the novella Animal Farm, that the pigs omniscient behavior is what drove them to their ultimate corruption. The more knowledge the pigs obtained, the further they were driven towards controlling all the animals. Ultimately increasing the control and power they had resulted into absolute corruption. As the saying goes, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, this age old maxim, still holds true to all creatures of this earth.
The intelligence the pigs acquired throughout the novella, is what allowed them to put themselves on a pedestal. Since they were “smarter” than all the other animals, this dictated that they were also better in all other aspects. Due to the animals believing they were lesser than the pigs, they never seemed to questions this inequitable treatment. The animals took their treatment in stride and never doubted the pigs authority.
Initially, the revolution had begun so that all animals would be equal and they would all be treated fairly. This is highlighted when the animals call each other comrades, a fellow soldier or member of an organization. This clearly signifies that they regard each…

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