A Comparison Of Animal Farm To The Holocaust

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Connector and researcher

I connected Animal Farm to the Holocaust. I think that they are similar in many ways. The first connection was between the Jewish people and Mr. Jones. In order to make the perfect world (or farm) they thought they had to get rid of these people. When it turned out that they were wrong and they were not bad people at all. After the animals had been taken over by the pigs having Mr. Jones back was probably not the worst thing in the world. Another thing they had in common was their leaders. There was the Nazi party and the pigs. They both had smart leaders with brilliant brainwashing speeches. although they were not as good as they said they would be later on, but still everyone followed them; not out of hope but fear
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The first passage is at page 84-85. It is when Benjamin and Clover go to the barn to read the seven commandments, but when they got to the barn it had no longer had the seven commandments because the pigs have been changing it, but know one has noticed because most of them could not even read. But now it reads “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others page 85”. I think that when the animals started to read it, that was the moment that they finally started to realize that the pigs might not be the good animals they thought they were. I also think this shows how much the pigs really manipulated the other animals. From the start they have been bending the rules and secretly making the lives easier without questions. One example, when they first started to sleep in the beds they changed the rules to no beds with sheets. Another one is when they change the rule an animal shall not kill another animal, without cause. The next passage is in page 83. In this passage the pigs came out to show everyone that they walked on their own two legs, not 4 ,two. And that is not all Napoleon is wearing a jacket and has a whip in his belt as his dogs escort him. This was a big sign that the pigs are turning into humans. First of all one of the seven commandments was four legs or has two legs and wings good, two legs bad. But the pigs have clearly changed that rules to make them look better than everybody else. Second of all they are now wearing clothes. Another one of there rules was that they would never were clothes. But clearly again they changed the rules to look better than everyone else. last of all ,at the beginning of the revolution ,the animals, burned all the whips because they thought they were bad and never to be used. Now Napoleon has acquired a whip because he finds it useful. My last passage is on page 78. In this passage, Boxer is taken away when he

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