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Knowing Your Audience and Communication Release


Knowing Your Audience and Communication Release

On August 5, 2010, the world focused on a small copper mine named San Jose Mine In northern Chile, when it was discovered that a mining shift had collapsed and thirty three miner’s were trapped 310 meters (1017 feet) below the ground. This tragedy captured audiences of every source of mainstream media around the world. The media reported updates on the conditions of the trapped miners daily until their rescue on October 9, 2010. People were drawn to the families of the trapped miners. Because of the magnitude of this unnatural disaster, audiences worldwide were depending on the reporters to give them every detail possible. Not
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It turns out to be imperative that the representatives of the company who issues updates and information to the public know their audience well and attain a common ground. The news correspondence, the miner’s families, internal employees, and the media are heavy audiences that rely on extreme importance when a company delivers a serious matter. Not only would the company representative have to keep the prestige and point of view of the mining company in one piece, they would have to issue precise and straightforward information that would not always be in the greatest interest for the company's standings.

In conclusion, communication should relate to the audience with an appropriate style and one can do this effectively only if a common ground is attained with their audience. For a mining company, announcing the accident to the families of the trapped miners, the public, and to the employees of the company can be a challenge. Like all good messages the style should be simple, clear, and concise. With numerous different forms of communication it is to the company’s best interest to deliver the news at best. The style should be authoritative but not patronizing to gain the trust of the reader and to reflect the importance of the organization's work. Avoid slang, sensationalism, in-jokes and exclamation marks; because these can all make a message look unprofessional and juvenile


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