Knowing Your Audience Essay

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Knowing Your Audience
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BCOM 275
February 07, 2012
Eileen Broyles

Knowing Your Audience The collapse of the Chilean Copper Mine was covered worldwide for several weeks. Over 30 workers were trapped in a mine for well over a month. The rescue teams and US advisory team had to be very cautious when speaking to the miners, families, and news reporters. These teams had to keep in mind the different roles of the people in the audience and how they would receive the message. They also had to keep in mind the potential needs of the families of the miners and how they receive a message concerning the incident. Finally they especially had to keep in mind the potential needs of the company’s employees when receiving a
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After the message is delivered the speaker will need to listen to the response to ensure that the audience received the message correctly. Giving and receiving feedback to and from the audience is also important because it gives you an idea of what the audience may want to know in the next informative speech. In conclusion when speaking to a group of people or to an individual face-to-face it is important to put one’s self in their shoes and understand what information is needed. During the Chilean Copper Mine Collapse there were several hundred people involved in the process, so remembering the different roles of the people involved was imperative. What the families of these miners needed to hear and know during this incident made all the difference on how they would react. Letting the employees know that they were not alone in this incident makes all the difference in the world to them, their families, and their friends. When dealing with an incident of this magnitude everyone affected needs to be involved and sending the right message is vital to the health and well being of the people the incident affects.

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Draft communications

For the families of the trapped miners I chose a face-to-face approach Hello everyone, I would like to take a moment to

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