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Introduction P 2-3

Elaborate Topic P 4–5

Local Advertising P 6–25

Global Advertising P 26–36

Conclusion P36-39

Effective advertisement global or local?

Advertisement, every time we turn on TV or radio, surf the Web, check the mail or drive to the supermarket, we are subjected to multiple, and sometimes simultaneous--advertising messages. With that kind of saturation, and the high cost of running an ad campaign, advertisers need to make their ads stand out. Of course, advertising needs to do more than get noticed. It needs to be focused, memorable and ultimately compelling enough to move customers to choose their
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Many marketers or the boss of consumer’s electronics have adopted this approach— By the way ,there are some important elements to construct an effective advertising. First of all, target audience. Company cannot design effective advertising without knowing who they are talking to. The advertising cooperation create to sell furniture to suburban families will be different from the advertising you pitch to college students to sell the same product. To be effective, advertising must be targeted to a specific audience. Who are they? eastern or western countries? What are their likes and dislikes? How old are they? Learn as much as possible about target audience before doing anything else to advertise their product or service. Identify "USP." Every company has a USP, or "Unique Selling Proposition." We find it by asking what do cooperation do better than anyone else? What is unique about their product or service? What do firm provide "faster, better or cheaper" than the competition? What problem are firm solving for customers? Are firms convinced customers differentiate firms from the competition and can be substantiated? Cooperation will need to let customers know not only what they have to sell but also the benefits that come from buying their product or service. For example, Café de coral will need to sell the "sizzle" as well as the steak. Try thinking of it this way. Prudential isn't just in the

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