Kindergarten Education Case Study

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Ⅱ Present Situation of Chinese Kindergarten Education
In this part, this paper shows the present situations of Chinese kindergarten education from three important aspects in the following contents.
2.1 The Low-level Chinese Kindergarten Teachers’ Background
It is obvious that the low-level Chinese kindergarten teachers’ background contains many different aspects, and it is known that the low teachers’ qualities, some teachers’ low education, and teachers’ low awareness of teaching are the elements to cause the present situation of Chinese kindergarten education.
2.1.1 Low Teachers’ Qualities
From the internet, we know much news about teachers abusing the kindergarten students that exists in our society in recent years. For example, in 2012,
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Thus, usually, some kindergarten schools use some young teachers or low qualities older women because of their low salary. For some of this kind of people, they do not have the high qualities to take the kids as their own kids or as normal kids to teach them and they do not have the high mental ability to teach the kids. In ancient China, people think abusing children were a good way to teach them to become better which some people had the influence of this idea. But now, this mental ability is not suitable for today’s education. In the present time, some teachers’ behavior of abusing children is the expression of low quality. Therefore, some teachers’ low qualities are some teachers’ situation for people to think …show more content…
If they do not respect their job, it will show us that they may have low awareness of teaching. The reasons some kindergarten teachers have low awareness of the teaching are the following. Firstly, some teachers just regard teaching as a job not a responsibility. They just need to finish their everyday work, such as teaching the thing that the school required them, not care about much more about the whole development of children. Secondly, many kindergarten schools do not belong to the government. So, the teachers cannot get the similar treatment like the teachers in the schools that belong to the government and the teachers in the privileged schools bear more pressure to work long time than others. At last, some do not truly understand the meaning of teaching children. It is that some kindergarten teachers do not really know how to be a great and right teacher. In the environment of kindergarten teaching, some teachers lack the awareness of how to teach children. Children can be educated about different knowledge at school, but when their teachers have the low qualities, low education background, and low awareness of teaching them, children can not be educated well, and then children’s kindergarten education will affect their future for many aspects in their

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