Kim : What Made You Should Be A Teacher? Essay

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Kim: What made you want to be a teacher?

Mrs. Zulick: When my kids were younger, I spent a lot of time in their school, Theodore Roosevelt. One day the principal of the school at the time had asked me why I don’t apply for a position since I was there all the time. I applied for a position as a 1:1 aide in my son’s fourth grade room. At 44 I decided to go to school for the first time for my bachelors in education, I wanted my own classroom!

Kim: How many years have you been teaching? What districts have you taught in? What grades?

Mrs. Zulick: I started teaching at T. J. Watson, but have been in Union-Endicott School district for 18 years. I have been at CFJ for 14 years and have been only in 4th grade.

Kim: What learning style do you most identify with?

Mrs. Zulick: I believe I am more kinesthetic and visual. As a student, I relied mostly on visuals.

Kim: What teaching style do you use most?

Mrs. Zulick: I don’t know how to answer it honestly, things change so much over time. There used to be these “buzzwords.” Examples like directive and authoritarian. I have been doing this for so long that I really don’t identify with a specific one anymore, they all come together.

Kim: What is the best teaching moment you have had in your career?

Mrs. Zulick: I am sure that the best moment hasn’t happened yet, but at the same time AMAZING teaching moments happen all of the time. My favorite moments are when I see the “a-has.” I love it when my students FINALLY see…

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