Killing Animals Essay

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Ever wonder how animals are being processed in the industry? Well I can only tell you that it’s one hell of a disaster, but it’s our way of life being human. We humans have been killing animals for survival since we have been evolved. Long time ago there were no rights or laws for killing a certain animals because the human population was very modest. Killings animals since the Stone Age has been done because we needed the food, fur to survive and sustain life. Nowadays we struggle to keep the animals population abroad, as many species are being extinct. This is a problem because of the global warming, and climate changing all around the world. Also how animals are being hunted down just for the joy or for food.
This brings a serious
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We go kill, sell, buy, eat, wear every animal on the planet every day; this is how we keep our lives sustainable. It has been reported that we have killed over nine billion chickens, pigs, cattle, turkeys, sheep’s, goats, ducks, and geese annually in the United States. As we all look into it, there are tons of disadvantages that still apply today. Now a days more animals are being scientifically fed to grow fast and meaty, so much for brings the extinction of organically feed. There are very little farms with no contract that offer animals that are naturally fed.
As some people say, we live in a strange world, but to me it seems to be sustainable on the things we do. The way we do agriculture is now a culture for the human life. Yes the things we do are sometimes the things we regret. Killing an animal can scar us for life and some people don’t like that, that’s why there are established groups of protest and attack the company’s. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. For my option on animal torture, there should be an alternative way because I just don’t like to see animals being tested and tortured. On the other hand, killing animals that are raised for food is wrong for a vegetarian because they don’t eat meat. It’s defiantly fine to kill animals and eat them because we actually need to eat meat for protein. It just that we don’t see how they are processed though the factory which most people

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