Essay Killing A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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Killing a Mockingbird
To kill a Mockingbird a bestselling novel by Harper Lee with over 30,000,000 copies in 40 languages worldwide it was released in 1960. It was made into a movie December 25, 1962 screen play by Horton Foote. It is a story about a southern town in Maycomb County Alabama Macomb was an old town a tired old town. It is a story about a father his daughter his son, their friend and the man he defends in court Tom Robinson. The story takes place back in the 30s there is a lot of the people in town of Maycomb our poor but everybody in town looks out for each other for the most part. I like the movie but the book was a lot more details you became more involved with all the characters when reading the book versus watching the movie. It’s understandable because the book is two hundred and seventy-four pages long. The movie is only hundred and twenty-nine minutes long pages long. To make a movie to go on exactly with the book the movie would be about 4 ½ to 5 hours long who like to sit in the theater that long.

So what are the differences from the book versus the movie? The book it starts out with Jem’s fears are never playing football because he got his arm badly broken at the elbow (TKAM, P.1)
The movies starts out with Mr. Cunningham dropping off hickory nuts as part of his entailment.
In the book it doesn’t come till page 26 and it says basically next just appeared on the back steps.
In the talk about how one of the Cunningham boys cannot afford to bring a…

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