Kids Needs Boundaries : Kids Need Boundaries Essay

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5. Kids Need Boundaries

Just because kids have not developed adult ways of doing things does not mean that they shouldn 't understand where the boundaries are in their life. Boundaries help parents reduce their anger, tension, embarrassment, resentment, and responsibility.

Kids are hardwired to test their boundaries, so it is very important for parents and non-parents to make it clear that boundaries are there and the kids have to remember them.

For instance, kids need to know that other people 's lives don 't revolve solely around them. They need to understand that they can only demand so much from others. They need to know that privacy is important. They need to understand that they are the child and they can 't tell others what to do.

If you don 't know what boundaries the parents have set, and you want to correct a kid on their behavior while you are looking after the kid, then you need to find out what those boundaries are, write them down, keep that list on hand, and make sure the kid doesn 't cross the boundaries that they know they are not supposed to cross.

6. There May Be Something More Going On Than Meets The Eye

This is very important for all non-parents to understand. A lot of adults are quick to judge a kid having a bad temper and label him or her as a brat. But, there are a lot of things that may be going on that they don 't know about causing the kids to have a bad temper.

- There may be abuse in the family.

- There may be a mental issue go…

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