Kids Health Website Analysis

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The Kids Health website an outstanding source of information
When a person first looks at this web site they may think they stumbled across a wealth of information about Attention -Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). While examining this site, it is apparent that this site has a vast amount of information that is impressive and well thought out. The Kids Health website by Nemours was established in 1995 and has been updated through 2015. The Kids Health website provides a considerate amount of accurate information, but can be confusing to the reader about the issues and causes of ADHD. The Kids Health website is creditable however, if you do not know where to look, the reader may not be sure of the validity or where the information is coming from. The website different resources are available to help with ADHD but many people are not aware of them.
A parent, teacher or healthcare professional who first sees this web site may think there is an abundant amount of information. The accuracy of the information does appear to be there but there are no references siting where they obtained
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Nemours Children’s Hospitals does accomplish this in several ways. One of the best ways is that they do emphasize that the parent is, “their child’s best advocate and it is the parent’s responsibility to become familiar with child’s medical, legal, and educational rights” . The website also gives information on different resources about how a child can obtain help. One of these resources is with Occupational Therapy. Many people do not know what an Occupational Therapist (OT) does or think that they are for adults only. Fortunately the web site does provide the hyper link that a person can click on and obtain information on what an OT does and how they may help a child with ADHD

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