Kia Soul: Business Analysis

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The purpose of the report is to make a formal recommendation to the purchasing managers why the company should purchase the 2017 Kia Soul as part of its delivery fleet of vehicles. The report, compare and contrast the Kia Soul, the Honda HR-V, and Toyota RAV4 and finally make a recommendation for the company as to which vehicle is best and why the company should purchase that vehicle. The audience are the purchasing managers of the organization and the users of the fleet of company cars.
The primary target audience are the action takers. The people who need the information to make a decision and decide which kind of vehicles to buy for company to use. The decision makers are the purchasing managers for the organizations. The purchasing managers are
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It can be used in a physical, economic, and ethical context. The various places the memo might be used, such as meetings or conferences, financial issues that might influence how the readers will interpret the results, and legal and ethical issues that might affect the method on how the information was collected and used. The purchasing managers can use the report to inform or seek advice from others about the decision to buy the 2017 Kia Soul.
Logical and rhetorical strategy:
For the report, I am providing information about the difference between three subcompact crossover vehicles. Stating the similarities and differences and at the end, providing the purchasing managers with a recommendation why the company should buy the Kia Soul. The primary reason of the message is to inform and convince the reader why the Kia Soul is the best fit for the company. The report shows that I am familiar with the subject, have done enough research on the subject, and understand the audience needs.
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