Essay on Key Themes And Components Of A Sustainable Talent Management

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In order for talent management to be effective, it must align with business strategy. Silzer and Dowell (2010) contend that “the effectiveness of talent strategies and talent management approaches can be judged by whether they add value and help to achieve business strategies” (p. 746). To this end, talent management aims to recruit, retain and develop talented employees in order to achieve business objectives. According to Lance Berger (2011), a Talent management strategy makes explicit the investments made in the people who are believed will best help it achieve competitive excellence” (para. 1). Effective talent management strategies are sustainable. Sustainable talent management practices are practical, forward-looking, and desire to improve operational effectiveness. This paper will examine the key themes and components of a sustainable talent management strategy.
Performance Management Managing employee performance is a vital element of talent management. Performance management is the process of ensuring that goals are being met and employees are meeting their potential. “Performance management is a process by which managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee’s work objectives and overall contribution to the organization” (“Keeping the Right People,” n.d., para. 1). It is how organizations measure both employee talent and performance. One performance management process that measures employee talent is the performance…

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