Key Functions Of A Computer Essay

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Input, Output and Connectivity
Needs and Uses Input on the computer is necessary to perform various key functions. A computer would need to have input to be able enter text efficiently. It would also need some type of pointer device to select (and freehand draw if necessary) items the keyboard cannot. Finally, the computer would need a kind of input to allow for video chatting or communication to others via the internet. Output is necessary for other parts such as printing, viewing, and other actions. The computer that I choose must be able to print, must be able to view what any tasks being performed on the screen and must be able to watch and hear videos and audio. Connectivity is how the computer connects to network. My desired connection would be wireless, as I always am in different areas so connecting to different wi-fis is necessary. Bluetooth is also something I would consider because it allows wireless connection in a different way.
Computer Choices I have decided to compare the Dell XPS 13 (13”), and the Apple MacBook Air (13”). These computers are different in a few aspects and similar in some aspects, so they made worthy candidates to compare.
Dell XPS 13 Firstly, I will address the input aspects of the computer. I mentioned above that text must be able to be entered to the computer. For this to happen, there must be a keyboard. The Dell XPS has a standard keyboard with an illuminating back light to make visibility easier in low or no light settings.…

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