Essay on Key Factors That Influence People Learning Process

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During my childhood stages I was brought up in Luton, I believe that I have experienced a lot to make me the person I am today. Key factors that influence people learning process may be positive or negative.
One positive influence is the internet; it has a positive influence on learning by allowing people to be able to search information quickly and allowing them to increase their knowledge. Although it can also be a negative influence because people may find it distractive and find themselves on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter rather than doing homework or coursework. Young people also tend to use slang whilst on social media which could affect their learning because if there in school doing work they may still use slang instead of using proper grammar.
Another learning influence is health because if somebody is ill they miss a lot of time of school through going to hospital and appointments and even if they do attend school

they will not be concentrating if they are in pain. This could affect their learning because they will fall behind on school work which may affect their future grades.
A possible positive learning influence could be parents by them being motivating and supportive, if parents encourage children from a young age to read books and do activities instead of using computers for learning it could be a positive learning factor for the child. Although some children and teenagers believe their parent can be interfering and get in the way of…

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