Southwest Airlines Culture: A Case Study

This paper will focus on some key factors for Southwest Airlines culture which is the reason it continues to soar in the air and also within the airline business. The organization focused on the authenticity from every employee and also requires employees to focus on taking care of people, originality and enjoyment. Also, the upper echelon leadership of Southwest Airlines orchestrated a culture that helped sustain its success from year to year with continuous training programs, leadership briefing sessions and mentoring programs.
Southwest Airlines is a well establish company that continues to reap success throughout unpredictable airline industry. It starts with the core leadership team with in the Southwest Airlines
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The area in which leadership development helps is that “it focuses on the individual and involves providing leaders with the tools they need to improve their effectiveness in the various roles they play” (Nahavandi, 2015, p 311). There are various leadership programs to help train and develop leaders within organization, they are formal training for all employees, outside consultation, leadership briefing, and mentoring programs. The leadership and development programs help to maintain the foundational characteristics of Southwest Airlines leadership organizational values and its culture. “By creating a culture that 's fun and inclusive, with core values that remind all employees to enjoy their work and not take themselves too seriously, Southwest motivates employees to take pride in what they do, which often translates to going the extra mile for customers”( Martin, E. 2015). Southwest Airlines understands the significance of culture which is center piece and sustenance of the organization and continues finding ways of reminding everyone of its values and beliefs. “Although leaders play a key role in the developing other, everyone at Southwest is in charge of that culture” (Nahavandi, 2015, p …show more content…
The organization is customer –centered which is why “in 2013, Southwest was named No. 1 in customer satisfaction by the US Department of Transportation” (Martin, E.2015). I also admire Southwest Airlines values of how much they care for their employees’ well-being. Lastly, with the organization continuous leadership training and development and also mentoring programs which help build employees to become successful and prepare for the next role within the

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