Keeping A Stress Free Nursing Career Essay

1934 Words Mar 7th, 2016 null Page
How to Maintain a Stress-Free Nursing Career Nursing is considered one of the highest respected and most pursued careers in today’s society (Black, 2011, p. 38). Nursing is known for being a stable career, the profession allows for growth in a variety of areas, and it allows people to care for others when they cannot care for themselves. The nursing profession is undeniably a rewarding career. However, nurses are asked to be culturally competent, nonjudgmental, and subservient to any and all individuals that need care. Professional ethics have to outweigh personal ethics (Lawler , 2016). Nurses are asked to work unimaginable long hours with minimal breaks and provide quality care with no room for error. In order to be an effective nurse, they need to be emotionally empathetic toward their patients, but they are also required to maintain a professional distance. Nurses are highly respected because of the work they perform and despite some of the idealistic expectations it is a highly pursued career. From the perspective of a student nurse I am eager to become a part of the nursing profession and provide quality care to individuals in need. However, I am aware of the relatively high burnout rate associated with being a nurse, and I am preparing myself on how to mange the enviable stress through physical exercise, holistic health, and positive thinking. According to, “Burnout in Relation to Specific Contributing Factors and Health Outcomes among Nurses: A Systemic…

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