Yogic Exercise Essay

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Sang Dol, K. (2014). Effects of Yogic Exercises on Life Stress and Blood Glucose Levels in Nursing Students. Journal of physical therapy science, 26(12), 2003-2006.
It is a common occurrence for nursing students to be under a large amount of stress. Sang Dol notes many things which can cause students to be under immense pressure and stress: academic performance, change in the environment, change in food type, irregular diet, clinical challenges, economic problems, and self-expectations. Moving away to a college campus is a life changing decision that can either be pleasant or miserable. Such life altering changes can have a huge effect on the health and mindset of college students. Stress can cause negative effects on the physical and mental
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It is important for a college student to get exercise and to also focus on something rather than school. A student’s mind needs a break from studying and the many stressors brought on by college. If a student is too stressed, the mind and body may function poorly and the student will not be able to work up to the best capabilities available. Being overwhelmed and overloaded with stress is not healthy for anybody.
Cataruozolo, P. E. (2015). Forensic Nursing: Focus on SANE. Journal of legal nurse consulting, 26(1),
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Obese children are going to doctors and hospitals to be treated for diseases and complications previously only seen in the adult population. Some of these complications include type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, asthma, and orthopedic problems. Not only are physical complications arising, emotional problems are occurring as well. Obese children are now facing depression, low self-esteem, and teasing. The government may intervene in the children’s lives to make quality of life better. Parents of the obese children may face charges because of child abuse. The child can face serious life-threatening consequences because of weight. It may not be 100% the parent’s fault because of today’s society. A sedentary lifestyle is encouraged by gaming systems and television. Unhealthy foods are encouraged by advertisements and eating fast food because of the fast-paced world. Nurses must be the patient’s advocate, which means looking out for the best interest of the patient. Nurses are trusted throughout the public and in communities and have the opportunity to influence public policies and social conditions. The nurses code of ethics states that nurses promote and advocate and work to protect the health and rights of patients, collaborate with others to promote efforts to meet health needs, and shape social policy. Nurses must be comprehensive in the approach to fight childhood

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