Katniss In The Hunger Games

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Before the Hunger Games begin, each pair of tributes are assigned to a floor in the training center. The training center is where their bedrooms and dining halls are located. Katniss’ room was like a dream come true for her; she loved it. Throughout the whole day, Effie was very excited to work with them, and finding sponsors for Peeta and Katniss. The entire team consisting of Haymitch, Peeta, Katniss, Cinna, Portia, and Effie all gathered to eat and talk about the days to come.

During dinner, Katniss mentions that she recognized one of the female avox, a traitor to the government of Panem that has been captured and forced to labor in the capital. Since it is unsafe to know a traitor in of the government, Peeta covers up by saying Katniss recognizes her from their school. Once they finish Katniss tells Peeta that the red-headed girl was a young lady she saw in the woods while she was with Gale. A hovercraft swung by and took her, Katniss still regrets not helping her, but she wished she could’ve.
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Since Katniss and Peeta both know each other’s weaknesses they decide to work and train together. However, they have an argument about thinking that the other person is more capable of winning the Hunger Games. Peeta thinks that Katniss is extremely skilled with a bow and arrow and has perfect aim, while Katniss thinks that Peeta has an incredible strength which is an advantage. Finally, Peeta tells them how much he paid attention to Katniss through the years which builds a strong relationship in the training

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