Essay on Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim And Max Weber

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Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim and Max Weber have been three of the most influential theorists whom today, still play a role on how our world functions. Although these theorists differ in their beliefs, by clustering them together they give the perfect and precise analysis of a modern society. Karl Marx in his theory focuses mainly on class struggle and economics. Through his analysis of modern society, he argues that the proletariat class should rise in unison and fight against the bourgeoisie. Contrary to Marx 's beliefs, Emile Durkheim believes that society molds humans into specific forms that serve a specific role in society, thus he argues in favor of solidarity. Lastly, Max Weber argues in favor of rationality because he believes that as humans, it is fundamental to be sympathetic and acquire an understanding of individuals ' position in society. He also introduces stratification in order to comprehend that all individuals are similar but, classes systems are constructed in order to divide and separate. These three philosophers teach that people, politics, economics and rituals are variables that individuals deal with and through these variables, people either live in peace or constant conflict. Karl Marx believed that in order to have a state of Eden, meaning everything peaceful and equal, then the working class (proletariat class) ought to unite and fight against the Bourgeoisie. Thus the first task would be to obtain control of the means of production. Means of…

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