Justice Or Mercy : The Merchant Of Venice Essays

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Justice or Mercy The Merchant of Venice brought to life a large number of contemporary subjects of discussion. This play made mention the issues of racism, the discrepancy between religion and its social status, and even politics. Similar to the structure of today’s legal structure, the court of law back in the Merchant of Venice, unanimously reached the verdict by the usage of a legislative system, which in this case was an assembly of dukes. Something quite overlooked in this play was the trial scene and the procedure in which the verdict was reached. A person could even question if Antonio was judged righteously or if he was favored in the situation. If we study the contemporary courts to gain insight into how they utilize their legislative power, we would notice that whether a person was innocent or guilty, the judge would be obligated to be unbiased towards every case that came through his or her court, until proven otherwise. That simply meant that whenever a case came into the court of law the judge would observe both sides of the argument, regardless of how strongly the judge disagreed with the defendant who was disfavored. Being unprejudiced is what kept the court hearings unbiased and fair for every party involved. Fortunately, a large number of judges were and still are discerning, which makes it much easier for him or her to detect the dishonesty in the defendant. The dukes in The Merchant of Venice, showed a glimpse of both democratic and republic styles of…

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